At Southend News Network, we don’t always get the time to trawl through Google to see how our stories have been picked up elsewhere – this is why we’re always really grateful when our readers get in touch if something has slipped through the net. 

Someone has just messaged us to say that a well-known BNP blogger known as ‘The Patriot’ decided to reprint our bullsh*t story about High Easter and Good Easter (two villages in Essex) being forced to change their names because of ‘religious sensitivities.’

The blog describes itself as ‘THE PATRIOT BRINGS WORLD WIDE NEWS THAT THE MEDIA WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT’ (naturally all capitals).

Here’s the thing. The media hadn’t ‘told you about’ this disgraceful situation as it never actually happened.

The blog’s response and analysis is comedy gold.

Take a look through some of the sites that this blog links to – it may make you shudder a little.

We tried very hard to put a couple of ‘red herrings’ in there to try and give the game away. Our personal favourite was the fact that the named expert was ‘Connor Wibbly.

The fact that he represents an organisation called ‘Equal Equality Now For All’ should have set alarm bells ringing as well.

So, the next time that you are face palming for letting yourself believe that Mr Tumble has had his CRB check revoked, remember that things could be a shite sight worse.

You could even be David Icke or Katie Hopkins, two of our other famous scalps …