As you may already be aware, Southend News Network has already established itself as a force for good when it comes to reporting the lighter side of the news, as in news that isn’t actual real. However, today sees the start of a whole new era in Southend news reporting – the launch of our ACTUAL NEWS section!

A number of our loyal readers have suggested that we should apply our journalistic talents to actual news, and so here we are! While we can’t promise to provide the sheer volume of ‘news’ stories that can be found in other major local news outlets, we can promise that all news stories will be proofread to the best of our ability. We have an army of local ‘reporter’ geared up and ready for action, and even the occasional photographer as well.

So, if you have a story for us, please get in touch via – we may even promote your local business without going through the pretense of coming up with a newsworthy story beforehand …..


Chief Reporter – Southend News Network