Maureen Patty intends to defy the ban and eat in her favourite fast-food joint in Southend.

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Both elderly people and their relatives in Essex have reacted angrily to the news that a number of fast-food restaurants in Essex have BANNED customers over the age 65 from their establishments. An announcement was made yesterday on behalf of the 72 premises involved, stating that the ‘difficult decision’ had been taken due to a recent increase in anti-social behaviour.

Martin Snelk, speaking for all restaurants concerned, said: ‘We regret that we have been forced to ban over 65’s from branches of Essex Burger Frenzy, Baps, Kebabs United and The South Essex Hot Dog Collective – this is a ‘last resort’ action due to dangerous levels of anti-social behaviour that we have experienced within the last 12 months. For example, on a regular basis, some elderly customers are standing at the counter for almost 20 minutes while they struggle to hear what staff are saying to them, and it is leading to utter chaos.’

We pointed out to Mr Snelk that this seems like an overreaction, but he was adamant that they had taken the right decision. He added: ‘Some people are forgetting where they have left their walking sticks, and only last week a 16-year-old boy broke his leg when a wooden cane got in his way while he was attempting a 360 degree Ollie from a table and chairs. Worse still, the Southend branch of Baps had to close for a fortnight in December when a mobility scooter was left in gear and destroyed a whole dining area while the owner was in the toilet – this trend cannot continue.’

A regular customer of Essex Burger Frenzy in Prittlewell agrees with the decision. The 14-year-old, who would only give his name as ‘Big Bandana Ben’ said: ‘When we all comes out of school at 11am, all we ask for is to enjoy a burger and vodka in peace, and some of these olderly people just ruin it for the rest of us. This one geezer last week left his false teeth in a quarter pounder and it was well rank.’

Maureen Patty has been visiting the same branch of Burger Frenzy for a number of years, and intends to carry on eating there regardless. She said: ‘These b*stards won’t force me out of my favourite joint for a burger and a natter. The bingo hall down the road tried to kick us out last year, and so we put Steradent in the lager taps – we are prepared to take similar action this time as well.’


  1. My granny is well p*ssed of with this ban.

    Her an her old friends relly liked there friday afternoon food fights even when the burgger joint stopped them from swigging gin wiv there burggers

    it ain’t fare!