If you have been reading a recent Daily Mail article about Canvey Island in Essex wanting ‘independence’ while thinking ‘I’m sure I have read that before somewhere,’ you are 100% correct.

This is the latest Daily Mail news on the issue – the link is provided purely for journalistic reasons …

Cast your minds back to the 6th September, and you may remember reading this (bullshit) news story on Southend News Network.

Unlike our previous adventures with Katie Hopkins and The S*n, this is more of an ‘inspired by’ situation than a full-blown ‘hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Monthly,’ but we knew that it would only be matter of time before that ‘newspaper’ started to pilfer our content.

Alternatively, perhaps the good people of Canvey Island read our story that stated that the islanders’ dissatisfaction would push them into the arms of Islamic Fundamentalism, and it is possible that this spurred them on to actually do something so drastic.

Either way, it makes the Daily Heil look like a bunch of twats, so some good will come out of it.

To be honest, we were expecting them to bite something with a little more ‘brown hating’ like the Hot Cross Buns being attacked by mathematical fundamentalists, but we can’t be too choosy now, can we?

Anyway, we would like to wish the people of Canvey Island all the best in their struggle for independence.

Anyone who promises to build that fabled extra third road link should win the next local elections by a landslide. The Mail’s article cocked that up as well as it said that there is only one road link at the moment …