A radical plan has been put forward today which promises to reduce accidents on the A127 by 70% by the end of 2019. The A127-60 project will involve downgrading the road to SINGLE CARRIAGEWAY between the M25 and Southend Town Centre, and experts believe that this will discourage drivers from carrying out ‘reckless’ overtaking manoeuvres that are currently responsible for a number of accidents every week.

Sir David Lent is chairman of the A127-60 project, and he spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Southend News Network shortly after a proposal meeting with Essex County Council to discuss his plans. He said: ‘Our message is a simple one. We believe that around 70% of all accidents on the A127 are caused by people trying to overtake other people, and on a single carriageway road the opportunities to overtake will be severely limited. Therefore, traffic will proceed in a far more orderly manner between the M25 and Southend, and a 60mph will be in place along the whole stretch which should actually improve traffic flows between Rayleigh Weir and Cuckoo Corner.’

He added: ‘Our proposals were received with a huge amount of enthusiasm at our meeting with Essex County Council earlier today. As an added benefit, the downgrading will free up a huge amount of space along the current route, and we will be handling the bidding process for companies and house builders who can convince us that they will put the space to the best possible use. We will also be able to scrap the entire collection of crash barriers that line the current A127, and at current scrap values this will earn more than £3m for the county.’