Our graphical technician spent 15 seconds knocking up this illustration of how the proposals will work.

A Southend News Network investigation has led to the discovery that there are plans in place to make the A127 and the A13 ONE-WAY in order to ease the flow of traffic to and from the M25 motorway.

Under the proposals that are due to come into force in 2017, the A127 will have the central reservation removed from Rayleigh Weir to the M25 junction, and there will be four lanes running towards London.

In a similar move, the A13 will only be for eastbound traffic between the London Orbital Road and Sadlers Farm.

By creating these two ‘Supertrunk’ roads, it is hoped that utter chaos can be avoided every time there is an accident between London and Southend.

The plans also have detailed details about how the existing slip roads will be adapted so that traffic will be able to leave the A-class roads from both the inside and the outside lane, but there are concerns over how traffic will be able to join the roads safely without needing to reverse onto the main carriageway.

Barold Shunt, chief planner for the Essex Highways and Motorways Alliance, explained the benefits to one of our reporters.

He said, ‘Journey times to and from the M25 will be greatly reduced, especially good news now that the Dartford Tunnel is back to normal as well.

‘We have already had a number of complaints from drivers who will effectively need to complete a 50-mile round trip to get from Pitsea to Basildon, but I would encourage them to look at the overall situation.

‘For example the stretch from Sadler’s Farm to the Pitsea Flyover will be eight lanes of uncongested driving pleasure towards Benfleet.’

He continued, ‘The initial costs to convert both roads will be around £14bn, but a small toll will be introduced for both roads to ensure that this amount can be recouped quickly.’

‘Naturally the toll booths will be removed completely once the improvements have been paid for.’


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