There was an accident on the A127 and it caused CHAOS. Well it caused some traffic disruption. There was an inconvenience to some degree. Well, you get the idea, journeys took a little longer than normal while the accident was cleared. We used a photo of some police tape to make you go ‘ooooh no that must be serious.’

A witness said: ‘There was an accident and things were pretty messed up for a while traffic-wise. It’s odd really because you don’t normally get many accidents on the A127 as everyone knows how to not drive like an utter bellend down there, and the A13 too.’

You’re probably wondering why you are still wasting your time reading this when the accident was hours ago, if indeed it actually happened. Now you understand how click bait works – congratulations!


  1. I clicked on this story by accident.

    Presumably somebody is reading my post by accident.