World-famous restaurateur Michel Ninja, coming soon to every single shelter along Southend pier.

As a result of a successful trial in three locations, Southend News Network has learnt that there are now plans in place to convert all public toilets and shelters within the borough of Southend On Sea into restaurants.

Chairman of the Southend Dining Consortium, Michael Graze, is adamant that there is a strong demand for the new dining establishments. ‘We have conducted many hours of market research before giving our recommendations to the council – this included analysing the daily habits of more than 400,000 local people. Our findings showed us that while the desire for high-end eateries is literally ‘off the charts,’ people simply do not want to pee, poo and sit down anymore.’

Although details are currently sketchy, London restaurateur Michel Ninja has confirmed on his Facebook page that he intends to open a branch of his upmarket dining chain La Tortue Gazeuse in every single shelter along Southend Pier. KFC have also expressed an interest in taking over the toilets behind KFC.

A public consultation event will be held two weeks ago to give local residents a chance to raise any objections to the plans.

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