Complaints have been made to a London toyshop after what contractors installed what has been described as a ‘giant Hindu Thomas The Tank Engine.’

Images of the ‘diversity friendly Thomas’ inside Enoch’s Playtorium on Carnaby Street have been posted on Facebook, with one user even calling it ‘an insult to Christianity.’

This comment is probably referring to the fact that Thomas The Tank Engine was originally created by the Reverend W. Awdry.

James Garridge added: ‘Yet again we have political correctness shoved down our throats in 21st Century Britain.’

‘I’m not going back into Enoch’s until they remove the bindi from his face.’

‘I asked a member of staff why they have put it in their shop with the bindi, and they said that the whole shelving unit would collapse if they took it off.’

‘This is the sort of lefty scaremongering that is killing Great Britain. Nothing great about it anymore I’m fuming.’

Enoch Playtorium’s manager Peter Powell said: ‘We apologise if any of our customers are offended by this, but the hardware shop was out of silver nuts.’

A spokesperson for the pressure group More Diverse Diversity and Equal Equality Britain said that this was ‘a fantastic gesture’ by the store.

MDDEEB’s Inclusion Director Percival Feta added: ‘Yet again a business owner is prepared to say ‘enough it enough’ when it comes to the religious pigeonholing of our most beloved children’s TV characters.’

‘This joyous news will inspire our team as we are shortly due to enter negotiations with Nickelodeon about an adaptation of Peppa Pig for the Jewish market called ‘Solly Salt Beef.’