The Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott made yet another embarassing on-air gaffe this afternoon after she accidentally described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as ELECTABLE. 

A clearly flustered Abbott made the error while speaking on BBC Two’s Daily Politics with Andrew Neil.

When Neil asked Ms Abbott if she thought that Labour had any chance of coming out on top in the upcoming general election, she said: ‘Of course we do. Jeremy Corbyn is the most electable candidate out of all of them.’

As Neil sat there open-mouthed at Abbott’s mistake, she quickly corrected herself after clearing her throat a few times.

She said: ‘Sorry Andrew. What I meant to say is that Jeremy is very much someone who is passionate about his geraniums and has definitely never shared a platform with terrorists.’

Abbott then launched into a furious rant that was directed towards everyone in the media.

She bellowed: ‘This campaign has proved that interviewers are not prepared to ask simple questions that can just be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Neil replied: ‘Ok then Diane. Do you think that Labour can genuinely win this election.’

A furious Abbott replied: ‘Well really you are asking four questions there, but what I can categorically say is that there are no easy answers in politics.’

‘However, under a Labour government, the voters of Britain will enjoy a revitalised NHS that will benefit from £1.75 of investment.’

When asked if she meant ‘£1.75 billion,’ she replied: ‘Yes Jeremy Corbyn does have a magnificent beard, doesn’t he?’

‘We can also guarantee that there will be a second referendum on Britain leaving the rugby union.’

In a further embarassing error on Radio 4 this evening, the Labour MP gave her name as ‘Russ Abbott.’