A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shared our appeal to raise money for the victims of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in West London – it has reached more than £2,400 in just a few hours.

This has only been possible because so many of your shared the original fundraising link which can be found here – PLEASE KEEP SHARING IF YOU CAN.

Once an official charitable fund has been established for the victims of this event, we will then adjust the appeal page and begin the process of moving the money over.

The appeal itself reads:

In the early hours of Wednedsday 14th June 2017, a horrifying blaze started at Grenfell Tower in West London. Although details of the fire are still sketchy, it has now been confirmed by the London Fire Brigade that there are a number of fatalities.

I have started this appeal to support the victims of the disaster as there will be many, many families who have not only lost their place to live, but also a lifetime’s worth of possessions as well.

All proceeds from this fundraising campaign will be donated to any official fund that is established in the aftermath of the disaster, such as a local branch of The Red Cross or any other charitable organisation that is set up to support the victims of this specific tragedy.

In the interests of transparency, I am a teacher and web publisher based in Essex (I run southendnewsnetwork.com) whose only link to the tragedy is having woken up this morning to the horrific pictures that are being broadcast on the news.

The good people of SNN land have been monumentally helpful in the past – Southend News Network charitable fundraising has now topped a whopping £20,000 since we launched.

Anyway here’s the link again. Thanks to you all.