An attention-seeking Z-list celebrity has confirmed that she had no idea that putting naked images of herself onto an Internet-connected device could lead to them being ‘hacked’ by someone who would then proceed to publish them in a variety of popular media outlets.

Essex-based reality TV star Jessica Labiabury told Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter that she didn’t realise that setting her iCloud password as ‘password’ could result in consequences so devastating that her Instagram following would increase by 300% overnight.

She said: ‘I’m utterly sickened that someone could invade my privacy like this. I feel violated in the worst possible way, and I am just grateful that I only took images with my intimate areas carefully covered up by my hands and arms.’

‘If only there were cameras out there that stay completely offline, using memory cards or something similar to store images without the risk of them being taken by people with nasty motives.’

‘With the casting for Celebrity Big Brother already in full swing I am terrified that this incident could damage my chances somehow.’

‘My life is already a living hell. Every time I take my rubbish out in immaculate makeup and a thong a photographer from The Sun is waiting there for me, and now I have to put up with the humiliation of showbiz agents contacting me morning noon and night as well because of this hack.’

‘Someone even took a load of photos of me eating a hotdog and testing my gag reflex the other day. This sort of invasion of my privacy has to stop.’