According to reports from witnesses in her street, it has been confirmed that 19-year-old Michelle Garridge from Eastmayne, Basildon has been sitting in her new automatic Vauxhall Corsa for ‘more than three hours’ waiting for it to take her to Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Speaking exclusively to our Chief Reporter a few moments ago, one witness said that she was panicking about being late for work.

He added: ‘She has only just passed her test and got herself a job in Primark at Lakeside, and she was buzzing yesterday when her boyfriend Shorn bought her a brand new Vauxhall Corsa.’

‘It was a very generous gift from him. He works in local deliveries or something like that.’

‘She learnt to drive in a car with a gearbox, but she didn’t really get on with it so she was delighted when he turned up with an automatic Corsa for her.’

‘Unfortunately, her happiness soon turned to despair this morning when she sat in the driver’s seat and expected it to just take her to Lakeside.’

‘She’s been there for more than three hours now trying to Google it on her iPhone.’

We managed to briefly speak to Ms Garridge, and she confirmed that she would be taking the car back to the dealer at her earliest opportunity.

She added: ‘I’ve tried everything to get this car to move – I even moved the little stick in the middle to the position that is clearly marked ‘Drive.’

‘After doing this, I can’t find anywhere where I can tell the car that I want to go to Lakeside.’

‘My learning car was actually a lot easier to drive as I had full control over where I was going. I guess it is just another example of technology taking over and doing more harm than good.’

‘I have noticed a steering wheel, some pedals and a handbrake in this model, but I assume that they are just for taking control of the vehicle in an emergency.’