A 57-year-old UK First supporter from Essex has slammed the many Muslims who saved countless lives by knocking on doors during the fire at Grenfell Tower. 

According to Gazthz (full name not supplied as he wasn’t sure how to spell it), it’s time for the government to get tough on ‘this shower of bastards’ after it emerged in the aftermath of the disaster that many Muslims were awake at the time of the fire.

This was because they were due to have their final meal before a Ramadan fast got underway.

He said: ‘Yet again the lefties have compromised our national security and they are pandering to these people.’

‘Us true patriots would be tucked up in bed fast asleep or at the very least on Facebook making live videos about taking are cuntry back.’

‘I’m just reading about their efforts and I’m absolutely discusted.’

‘Me and my local activists are getting t-shirts printed to get the message across, but we will need to raise about five fassand paands first.’

‘There will be a meeting as well, but the location will remain a secret in case it gets infiltrated by thugs and pacifics.’

We asked Gazthz what he thought about the Sikh Gurdwaras that have reacted to recent tragic events in Britain by opening their doors to victims.

He said: ‘Well their alright ain’t they cause don’t use those muslamic ray guns.’

‘Turbans don’t cover the face neither so their not a security risk.’

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