A 31-year-old mum from Southend has been describing the awful moment when she almost saw her son drown to death in a Sports Direct mug of tea. 

Samantha Plonge of Fairfax Drive told our Chief Reporter that she managed to pull toddler Harry, 3, out of the tepid liquid with only minutes to spare on Tuesday evening – paramedics treated the pair for mild shock at the scene. 

She said: ‘I made myself a mug of tea just after Hollyoaks, but like all good mummies I hadn’t gotten round to drinking it by the start of Eastenders.’

‘The drink was sat on the coffee table by the sofa, and I popped upstairs to the toilet while Harry was playing on his iPad. About 30 seconds later, I heard a splashing noise and I instantly could tell that he was in trouble.’

‘I ran into the lounge and to my horror I saw that he was struggling to get out of the mug. I pulled him to safety and threw the tea down the sink to make sure.’

‘I called 999 as a precaution and the paramedic told me that there are now around ten callouts per week involving young children falling into Sports Direct mugs and almost drowning.’

‘It’s disgraceful – my friend works there and she told me that anyone who doesn’t sell 200 mugs per shift gets thrown into a pit of snakes covered in Marmite.’

A spokesperson for Sports Direct told our Newsdesk that all of the mugs have now been withdrawn from sale as a precaution. 

She added: ‘Our mugs have already been reduced in size by 30% since June because Brexit, and any affected customers will soon be able to collect protective netting free of charge from their nearest store.’