A spokesperson for UEFA has just confirmed that the England football team has been disqualified from Euro 2016 after what it described as ‘unacceptable fan behaviour’ after the final whistle of their clash against Russia in Marseilles. While the governing body admits that it has very little control over what happens outside of each stadium, they confirmed that they are in a position to take ‘the strongest possible action’ against any violent behaviour inside a Euro 2016 ground.

Spokesperson for UEFA Jerome Robsonne said: ‘We made it perfectly clear before the tournament began that any unacceptable fan behaviour inside a stadium would ultimately be the responsibility of the national organisation of the fans involved. Shortly after the conclusion of last night’s match between England and Russia, a number of England fans allowed Russian supporters to gain entry into their own area of the stadium, and this then led to disgraceful scenes of England fans headbutting the feet of peaceful and law-abiding Russian football supporters. At one point, our observer also noticed the England fans trying to provoke the Russian supporters into an aggressive confrontation by jumping over fences, climbing down and generally running away. Everyone knows that you make a dog even more angry by showing fear and retreating, and this is why we have made it perfectly clear to the Russian Football Federation that we are going to send them a strongly-worded letter on this occasion and take it no further.’

Mr Robsonne added: ‘We were considering giving England and their FA a final warning, but if we are being brutally honest they would have probably struggled against Wales and scraped a draw against Slovakia anyway.’