A girl on Facebook who has checked in at Southend Hospital has officially confirmed that she is fine.

Shortly before 9pm on Thursday evening, Natasha Füch-Weet, 27, of Fairfax Drive checked-in at Southend Hospital on the Facebook iPhone app without any additional text added to her status update.

Within three minutes, her phone became a light show of notifications showing private messages from concerned friends and family, and the status update itself was propelled to the summit of hundreds of individual news feeds due to the sheer number of comments from people and that emoticon which has a wide open mouth to express shock or amazement.

Shell Garridge posted ‘U ok huni xx,’ while Kerry Berry said ‘PM me babes let me know wots wrong r u alrite bestie boo boo?’

Natasha’s mother Diane was too distressed to speak to our Chief Reporter. However, a friend confirmed that she would try texting her daughter as soon as she is able to pop to Londis for a top-up.

Around ten minutes after the status was posted, Natasha broke her silence to confirm that she was just visiting the Costa Coffee in the outpatients area for a flat white before heading back home from work.

She said: ‘I had no idea that checking into a hospital at 9pm could lead to such an outpouring of concern from my nearest and dearest.’

‘I am 100% healthy at the moment, and people need to just chill the f**k out.’

‘The attention is nice though. It sustains me. I usually just take selfies with my tits out after applying a coat of Ronseal and making a blowjob face at the camera but this is far more effective.’