A representative of the Electoral Commission has confirmed that a repeat referendum over the UK’s European Union membership has been arranged for Thursday 30th June. The announcement comes after an online petition passed the 50,000,000 signatures mark – this is the level where the government is legally obliged to bypass all layers of established democratic process and just activate the subject of the petition.

According to commission spokesperson Norman Price, the short notice will allow all polling stations and counting centres to be set up again with minimal costs. He added: ‘We already told our dismantling team to stand down when the online petition passed 100,000 signatures, and we are now in the best possible position to arrange a quick repeat referendum, or ‘rereferendum.’ 

There have already been allegations that supporters of the petition have created multiple accounts in order to boost numbers. A tweet from Microsoft on Saturday said: ‘Wow best ever day for new outlook.com users in the UK. Welcome!’

A press official in Downing Street said: ‘David Cameron is watching these developments with interest, and he will make an announcement if the position of the UK changes after the repeat vote. If he doesn’t have to do the hard shit, he will probably stay on.’

Google have already declared a five-day Pre-rereferendum Period of Research, where voters will be able to use the search engine to find out what the EU actually is this time.


  1. I’m fed up with is referendum voting. England isn’t likely to win Euro 2016 so why bother?

  2. Is this second referendum is about the EU leaving the UK or Scotland leaving the UK because it wants Union with Europe or Canvey Island leaving Essex?