According to senior sources within Westminster, there has been a major breakthrough overnight between leading Conservative and DUP politicians in Belfast as a provisional majority government deal has been agreed that includes changing the national anthem to YMCA by The Village People.

It is thought that the Conservatives were prepared to make a number of promises about a better deal for Northern Ireland moving forward, but the condition about the new anthem was ‘a non-negotiable price to pay.’

A senior Tory source added: ‘The DUP wanted to make sure that there would be increased funding for agriculture and greater investment in road infrastructure, and we were more than willing to consider this on the condition that Northern Ireland gets a new individual national anthem.’

‘This was a necessary move to ensure that the province can retain a unique sense of identity compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.’

‘We put forward a few ideas, but it was decided that something upbeat and catchy was required – YMCA by The Village People gets people hitting the dance floor more than any other song in the history of disco and so as far as we were concerned it was a no brainer.’

‘A couple of the DUP delegates had a concerned look on their faces, but we made it perfectly clear that it would be YMCA or nothing.’

A DUP negotiator said: ‘We are delighted to announce that YMCA by The Village People will be the new national anthem for Northern Ireland from a date set to be confirmed in early 2018.’

‘In many ways it is the embodiment of everything that the DUP is about. We are all about raising the spirits of the people and there really is no need to feel down, and our tourism industry is second to none as it is always fun to stay here.’

‘Belfast is also an emerging fashion capital of Europe, and when you watch the original music video you can see that the range of costumes is a perfect fit with the creative and pioneering spirit shown by many of our leading designers.’