There have been growing calls from the British public for the Time Warp to be repeated today, with some insider sources stating it is ‘astounding’ that it has not happened already.

Because of this pressure for the Time Warp to be repeated at RiffRaff and Magenta’s earliest convenience, we have set up a petition here.

Please sign it and share it, and together we can unsure that the Time Warp is done again.

According to music critic Timothy Murray, the lack of a repeated Time Warp is a ‘disgrace.’

He added: ‘I can understand why the original singers would want to keep control of the situation by limiting further performances, but the fact remains that a rerun would not take a huge amount of effort to initiate.’

‘Once a jump to the left and a step to the right have been completed, the foundations for a complete Time Warp are pretty much in place.’

‘Unless there are concerns over the pelvic thrust for health and safety reasons, I see no reason why this cannot happen.’

‘He’s got the time to mess around in The Crystal Maze for hours on end, but he’s not got three minutes and 50 seconds for this?’

‘It is almost as much of a scandal as Meatloaf and the way that he constantly avoids telling everyone what ‘that’ is.’

‘We already know that he would do anything for love. That is perfectly clear.’

‘However, we are still very much in the dark about what he wouldn’t do. Is he referring to Anal? A meal at Hungry Horse? Who knows.’

‘Furthermore, I must have written to Foreigner at least fifty times and provided an exact definition of love, but still they are demanding an explanation.’