A spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee has confirmed that Bullseye will be added to the programme of Olympic sporting events at the Tokyo 2020 games. 

Speaking at a press conference earlier today in Zurich, Johann Busfärhom added that the sport had fought off strong competition from a number of other applicants to win its place in the next Olympiad. 

He said: ‘A number of people have been commenting about there being too many Olympic sports that demand a high level of physical fitness, and so we set up a taskforce to try and identify events that combine limited physical activity with more of a mental workout.’

‘Someone passed us a VHS tape that had been found in an attic in Yorkshire, and it was the first time that our committee had seen anything quite like it.’

‘Amateurs with professionals, it is the embodiment of the Olympic spirit.’

Our Chief Reporter asked him how the event would work on the Olympic stage, and he said that ‘detailed preparations’ were already underway. 

He added: ‘Once someone reaches the silver medal position, they will be offered the chance to throw for gold instead – competing teams will have the time it takes for the board to spin around to make a decision.’

‘As we speak, we have also dispatched a team of investigators to the United Kingdom to try and locate Jim Bowen and Tony Green. This is vital as we do not have a computer that is powerful enough to keep scores and describe a twin-cup Morphy Richards tea maker.’

Ladbrokes has already confirmed that Team GB are the hot favourites to take gold in Tokyo. However, Chinese officials have said that a £2.4bn Bullseye training camp is currently under construction in Guangdong.