The Spoon family in happier times. Mr. Spoon hopes that this interview will persuade Mrs. Spoon and Tina to get in contact.

Whenever the cast of Button Moon played at the Palace Theatre in Southend during the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was always a fantastic experience for the thousands of local children and their parents who flocked to see their idols perform live on stage. However, in a Southend News Network exclusive, Mr. Spoon has decided to get in touch and apologise for ‘shocking and insensitive’ behaviour that has been kept under wraps until now – he admits that after most shows in the town he would head off to many of Southend’s most famous night spots and ‘create hell’ for everyone involved.

Fast forward to 2015, and when Mr. Spoon met us at a secret location he looks like a man who is a shadow of his former self – a prime example of a celebrity whose antics have finally caught up with him. He started off by saying, ‘First and foremost, I want it to be known by everyone in Southend On Sea that I am deeply sorry for the way that I behaved after most shows in the town. I was young and incredibly naive, and I was making so much money from merchandising and TV appearances that I believed that I could pretty much get away with anything. I remember specifically that I visited TOTS nightclub (that’s still there, right?) one night and got into a fight with someone over dancing with their girlfriend. I only asked her if she fancied a spoon and invited her back to my rocket one night when Mrs. Spoon was out at bingo.’

He continued, ‘Drink and drugs were pretty much rife throughout the childrens’ TV world at the time. I appeared in pantomime at the Cliffs Pavilion in 1991 with Sweep and Bungle from Rainbow, and they both tried to get me off the hard stuff but I wasn’t interested. I lost two very dear friends when they found me crying in the middle of Victoria Circus, hunched over a discarded bottle of Domestos and screaming ‘Why Little Bottle, Why! You had so much to live for.’ They knew at that stage that I was beyond help.’

He admits to us that he hasn’t spoken to Mrs. Spoon and his daughter in years, but he is hopeful that they will read this article on Southend News Network and want to reach out to him. He finished his chat with us by saying, ‘I am already meeting Eggbert twice a month at our local Alcoholics Anonymous group, and Mrs. Spoon and Tina both know how to reach him. Freddy Teddy sometimes writes to me as well.’