A spokesperson for National Express has confirmed that the c2c rail franchise has been sold to an Italian rail operator. 

In a statement, it also added that a ‘fair offer’ had been made from a group who described themselves as ‘businessmen with a wealth of experience in waste management.’

We sat down with the group’s representative Anthony Scifusa-Gugutz to find out more about their plans for the London to Southend railway. 

He said: ‘We have been tracking National Express and their operation for a while now, and there was plenty to like.’

‘It fits in with our other business ventures perfectly. We already specialise in extracting vast sums of money through fear and intimidation, and so this was the perfect opportunity to expand internationally.’

‘We have assigned Capos to every station to find out more about each area, and they are inviting bids from retailers who want to operate coffee shops and sportsbooks on platforms.’

‘A number of people have told us that annual season ticket prices are unrealistically high. While we are not in a position to lower them, our new weekly payment option will help a lot of people out with minimal rates of interest.’

We asked him Mr Scifusa-Gugutz if there were any other bidders for the franchise. 

He said: ‘There was interest from another bidder, and then there wasn’t.’