c2c have become the rail operator that truly keeps on giving. First it was the new timetable that drove customers to the point to insanity. Then it was the incessant ‘la la la we’re not listening’ attitude on social media. Now, to cap it all off, their Facebook guys have now decided to become the Grammar Police for any of their followers who dare to use an apostrophe to indicate a plural noun. 

In the interests of transparency, we should point out that the individual used a very naughty word (the ‘c’ one) while talking about the length of their trains earlier in the discussion, the the page admin replied with a link to their ‘house rules.’ 

Even so, is there really any justification for showing so much contempt towards a passenger and a customer?

Perhaps this is their new approach as part of their Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy. An active social media campaign to make sure that people speak proper English innit. 

Everyone has long suspected that c2c couldn’t give a flying fudge about their passengers, and to be fair little things like this really don’t help this impression. What could be next? CCTV images of passengers looking ‘a bit rough?’ A video of the franchise owners wiping their asses with a roll of twenties?