Will this improve the customer experience on c2c trains during periods of 'terrifying overcrowding?'

After their new timetable has led to extreme overcrowding on a number of services, c2c has secretly installed oxygen masks on all services to provide breathing assistance when standing passengers do not have enough room to both inhale and exhale successfully. A Southend News Network investigation discovered this new measure after an email was leaked showing a planned safety video that will be shown to all passengers on peak services.

According to the video, when the driver sees on their CCTV system that carriages are becoming dangerously overcrowded, oxygen masks with face straps will drop down from the ceiling – passengers are reminded to attach their own mask before helping other people with theirs. As an added bonus, the masks are also automatically deployed if there is a sudden drop in carriage pressure due to a driver passing through a scheduled stop and having to reverse quickly.

Due to safety concerns, extra masks have also been installed in the overhead luggage racks – this has been necessary due to the decision to allow passengers to lie down on the racks when there is no room left on the floor. According to an insider source at the train operator, these masks have been purchased from a budget airline operator that has been keen to reduce fuel costs by ‘minimising take off weight.’