Victory for c2c commuters with with announcement that passengers will now be allowed to lay down in the luggage racks to ease overcrowding.

In spite of measures announced yesterday designed to ease overcrowding on c2c rail services, it would appear that more needs to be done to try and improve comfort on some of the busiest services on the route. A Southend News Network reporter has discovered that from today, passengers will be able to use luggage racks when there are no seats available, but there are some special conditions about their use.

First of all, passengers will need to be able to climb up without the use of a ladder, as having any additional climbing apparatus will invalidate the company’s insurance policy. In addition to this, passengers using the luggage racks must agree to lie down at all times, but on the services with the highest level of demand passengers will be permitted to lay on top of each other to make the best use of the available space.

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