Staff and management of rail operator c2c have been celebrating today after they were named the WORLD’S GREATEST RAIL OPERATOR at the annual Golden Timetable Awards in Zurich. 

In front of a crowd of more than 25,000 members of the global rail industry, the London – Southend franchise beat off competition from all over the world to pick up the top award of the evening. 

Head of the judging committee Sir Henry Raylesworth spoke passionately about the railway before handing over the gong.

He said: ‘In the history of railways and railwaying, no other operator has ever managed to rearrange an entire timetable and keep such a high level of customer satisfaction.’
‘As far as the judging committee is aware, not a single complaint was not not received from anyone who was inconvenienced by shorter trains and services designed to start in a wide variety of places.’

Shortly before the ceremony this evening, live updates were provided about the ongoing situation with a broken rail at East Ham.

Sir Henry added: ‘Nobody could have predicted that the rails would become fragile in periods of extreme heat for prolonged periods of time. No scientist has ever come out and said that metal expands in heat, have they?’

It was a disappointing evening for Abellio Greater Anglia, with the company taking just a single prize for ‘Oldest Shitwagons’ for their London – Southend Victoria route.