A four-year-old cat from Southend On Sea has launched a copyright infringement lawsuit against British singer and general pop music icon Phil Collins relating to his 1989 hit ‘Another Day In Paradise.’ According to amateur performer Snuffly of Bournemouth Park Road, there are a number of passages in the song that sound identical to the noise he makes at 3am when the cat next door steps onto their hotly-disputed communal wall, and according to legal documents he is looking for around $40m dollars in compensation.

Snuffly’s lawyer spoke to our Chief Reporter earlier today, and he said: ‘We don’t know how Mr Collins has managed it retroactively, but there are scandalous similarities between the distressed yelping of my client and a number of sections in the million-selling Phil Collins hit. We have already settled a case over the chorus in ‘Follow You, Follow Me’ ripping off the noise when a small child steps on his tail, but these new allegations have only surfaced in the last few days. The ongoing case between Ed Sheeran and Matt Cardle is providing us with the inspiration to fight for what is rightfully his.’

A spokesperson for Mr Collins told Southend News Network that no comment would be made at this time. However, a source within the unofficial UK Genesis worship scene said: ‘When will the public leave Phil alone? As far as he is concerned, he has already served his punishment for crimes against music, and now he wishes to be left in peace to listen to his own records endlessly and save the universe.’