90’s TV sensation Mr Blobby has been talking to Southend News Network all about his three-year weight-loss and health journey that he started back in 2013. His DVD ‘Blobby to Buff’ is out in time for Christmas, and he admitted that he was forced to change his ways after hitting ‘rock bottom’ in the years following the end of Noel’s House Party. 

Bertram Blobowycz, the actor famous for playing the iconic and destructive ‘Mr Saturday Night’, explained that he was originally a superfit personal trainer who was persuaded to pile on the pounds for the sake of light entertainment. 

He said: ‘When Noel approached me in the early 90’s about joining the show, he made it clear that he needed someone who was essentially in excellent physical shape in order to be able to throw their weight about without getting injured.’

‘I was perfect for the role, and his team told me that I needed to gain weight to fit the whole ‘Blobby’ persona. I went from 16 stone to 28 stone within a matter of six months as the crew set up a high-calorie low-exercise programme for me, and when the show launched I was still able to run around on stage as I had maintained a good degree of my core muscle.’

‘After a few years on Noel’s House Party, the format became dated and irrelevant, and the show’s cancellation left me in a huge predicament. I was screwed on the royalties for the hit single, and no other TV shows would take me on as I had become typecast as an oversized novelty wrecking ball.’

‘Behind the laughter, my time on the show was hell. Noel would often appear at my dressing room door with boxes of pastries and tubs of cookie dough for ‘the sake of the brand,’ and when I told him I was full to bursting point he reminded me that, in his own words, I was ‘his motherf*cking spotty bitch’ and that I was required by contract to ‘pack it away.’ 

‘Other than the occasional appearance on The National Lottery Draw, the work dried up as nobody would take me seriously as a classical actor. I was unable to return to personal training as I couldn’t shift the weight.’

‘In 2013, I hit rock bottom when my long-term partner Boris Bungleton told me that we were finished – he left me for my best friend Gordon Gopheridge after Philip Schofield introduced them to one another at a party and that killed me inside. On that day I decided that something had to change.’

‘I deleted Noel’s number and moved away from Crinkly Bottom to start a new life in Southend On Sea – for some reason I found it easier to blend in down there without anyone recognising me.’

‘I gave up the alcohol as I would often down two bottles of scotch per day, and my green spots cleared up overnight. This was a massive boost to my self confidence, and I rejoined the gym to try and get back into shape.’

‘Once I got into the habit of eating right as well, the weight simply dropped off and I was approached about releasing a fitness DVD. I jumped at the chance to tell me story through Blobby to Buff, and I’m even training in MMA just in case that box-opening twat crosses my path in the future!’