A representative of the British Cheetos Federation has revealed that his members are ‘fed up’ with everyone considering them to be ‘shit crunchy Wotsits.’

Niles Chester of the BCF added that a campaign is now underway to raise awareness of their crisps in a society that seems ‘obsessed with mouth melty cheesy puffs.’

He said: ‘We’ve spent our whole lives dealing with prejudice from people who just assume that Cheetos have already gone stale because they are rock hard and smell like a foot.’

‘Cheetos have always been a connoisseur’s cheesy puff for the refined palette – Wotsits just appeal to the lowest common denominator.’

‘The kids lunch box, the call centre agent’s handbag, the hi-vis jacket pocket of the man laying tarmac in the road, that sort of thing.’

‘Meanwhile, consumers take one bite of a Cheeto and make a face like they are having a minor stroke or something.’

‘Monster Munch are far more offensive to the tongue but people don’t say shit. The hypocrisy in the British crisp market is sickening.’

We asked Mr Chester if Cheetos would consider adapting to the ‘Salt ‘n’ Shake’ model where consumers would be offered a sachet of cheese flavouring and with it the ability to designate their own preference of cheesiness in every pack.

He said: ‘That is just absurd! If we give in to these idiots in society, we will have triangular Discos, salt and vinegar Twiglets and fruits of the forest Skips before we know it.’

The British League of Wotsits were unavailable for comment, but an email stated: ‘At the BLW we are strongly opposed to all discrimination and prejudice based upon a snack’s tone of orange.’