The parents of 7-year-old Tom Adams have been describing their anger to Southend News Network after the ‘popular’ pupil was suspended from Westcliff Priory Primary School until September.

According to the headteacher, Tom was caught singing a song about the upcoming end of term celebrations that included a joke about his school and the teachers getting ‘blown up’ – this was deemed as unacceptable at a time when security and terrorism are a ‘real concern’

Father Andrew said: ‘This is a disgraceful decision. Surely it would have been more appropriate to sit Tom down and tell him why the song isn’t acceptable when there is so much in the news about terrorism.’

‘He now has to miss the celebrations and party at the end of term. He has been in floods of tears ever since he was sent home.’

Headteacher Dr Horace Fringe released a statement to Southend News Network to explain the situation.

He said: ‘In line with recent Local Education Authority guidance, we were left with no option other than to suspend Tom and inform the relevant counter-terrorism agencies that operate in the United Kingdom.’

‘We can appreciate that this information will remain on his records until his 25th birthday, but in the current climate every single cause for concern must be reported as a matter of urgency.’

‘For the sake of clarity, we have provided a full transcript of the song in question.’

‘We break up, we break up. We don’t care if the school blows up. No more English, no more French. No more sitting on the old school bench.’

‘If the teacher interferes. Tie him up and box his ears. If the teacher wants a fight. Blow him up with dynamite.’

Tom’s parents have confirmed that they intend to appeal the decision once their son is released from questioning in London.