The logo and the channel name that will have to be redesigned after an error was spotted.

An upcoming round-the-clock TV news channel has been ‘delayed indefinitely’ after an employee noticed a glaring error in its chosen logo and name.

Bosses at Colchester and Uttlesford News TV have been left red-faced after getting 500,000 promotional t-shirts printed to spread the word about their new 24-hour TV channel dedicated to issues in North Essex.

Two days before the launch a member of their media department pointed out that the acronym of their name spelled out a ‘horrendous word’ for a lady’s rude area.

The news service was due to begin on 17th February on Sky, Freesat, Freeview and Virgin Media, and now this has been postponed while a new name and logo are designed.

A source within the company confirmed: ‘Everything is in absolute chaos at the moment, and I cannot believe that nobody spotted the mistake before the promotional material order went to the printers.’

‘We spent our entire annual budget on items that scream out the worst word in the English language, and we can’t think of anything more suitable.’

The channel’s launch was originally confirmed in November 2015, shortly after OFCOM announced that the licensing requirements for highly-localised TV stations would be relaxed to encourage a ‘new passion for local news and media.’

Our source added: ‘With all of this running around to find enough content to provide 24-hour coverage of North Essex news, we simply didn’t have the time to read our channel name back to ourselves a few times.

We have thought about including Braintree-related content in our output to change the name, as after all this is the area directly between Colchester and Uttlesford, but all they ever seem to have going on is the occasional case of shoplifting from Freeport.’


  1. How about “Television with attitude, tonight!” Given sufficient time I could probably find a mnemonic to fit something ruder.