In the latest scandal to hit Labour hopeful Jeremy Corbyn’s prime ministerial campaign, a 1980’s TV star has come forward and accused the politician of ‘putting his hand up his bottom’ on a number of occasions.

We have protected the actor’s identity at their request, but it has now emerged that this also happened when he was on camera and on stage in front of millions of viewers – some as young as children.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, he said that for Corbyn ‘it was all about having me dance for him.’

He added: ‘I originally got to know Jeremy through his father, and that’s when the trouble started.’

‘At first he would force me to spray him with a water pistol for kicks, and eventually he would have a whole group of us singing and dancing for him.’

‘He had a code phrase to try and trick other people around him that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.’

‘As soon as he said ‘Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy’ that’s when I knew that it was time to dance.’

‘When we hit the 1990’s and he went and bought a shop I thought that he would leave me alone, but nothing changed.’

‘I have no idea how he managed to stay in business as he never had any customers in there, yet every week regular as clockwork he would have me waving my arms about.’

Police have confirmed that they are also conducting a wider investigation into the allegations, including a report that the actor may have been forced on a couple of occasions to perform in front of a man with a ‘yellow gimp mask’, ‘someone in a full-body bear costume’ and a ‘potentially homosexual pink hippo.’