A couple from Leigh On Sea have been telling Southend News Network that they have decided to stop their crusade to only shop in small, independent local businesses.

According to Dan and Jemima Plooge, who live in the trendy district of Leigh Road, they made the difficult decision after realising that parking outside small, independent local businesses is a bit of a pain in the arse.

Dan said: ‘We have been sharing images on Facebook for a while now to show our support for small, independent local businesses.’

‘For example, by spending just £5 per week in a small, independent local greengrocers or hat weaver, you could be buying ballet lessons instead of a 17th holiday villa for some faceless CEO somewhere.’

‘After a few months of our efforts to raise awareness, we decided to put our money where our mouths are and venture to our local parade of small, independent local businesses.’

Jemima added: ‘By the time we got down there in the Overfinch, we found it very difficult to park the car.’

‘We drove up and down Leigh Road four or five times with no joy, and eventually we just gave up and drove to the Tesco Mega Superstore on the A127.’

‘A few days later, we tried walking to our local row of small, independent local businesses instead.’

‘However, we noticed that four pints of milk was 10p more than Tesco, and regretfully this drove us to abandon our campaign.’

‘It was an incredibly difficult decision, but we would like to wish all of our town’s small, independent local businesses the very best.’