Motorists and business owners have been celebrating today after the announcement that the Dartford Crossings are going to become FREE OF CHARGE for all users.

The news broke after the costs of building the tunnel and bridge became fully paid off.

The magic moment arrived when a 2009 Toyota Avensis passed through the exit on the Kent side at 3.26pm.’

‘The owners £2.50 toll pushed the all-time takings counter for the Dartford Crossing past the all-important £435bn point – bosses were left with no alternative other than to follow-up on their original promise of making both crossings free once the construction costs were paid off in full.

DartCros CEO Sir Roger Shaft told Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter that he was ‘begrudgingly’ left with no option once the toll had been paid.

He added: ‘Unfortunately, the general public is aware of our original promise to make both the tunnel and the bridge free to use when the construction costs were paid off.

‘We tried to cook the books on this one but our accountants said that anything more than £435bn would be difficult to justify.

We’ve already mugged everyone off on multiple occasions when the toll barriers were in place by saying that we would open the gates when traffic tailbacks got too severe  – that was basically a big steaming pile of bollocks on our part but everyone let us get away with it somehow.’

‘From this point forward, it will be free to cross in either direction between Essex and Kent. All of the existing number plate recognition equipment will be listed on eBay so we should make a few quid back at least.’

‘Once the third crossing goes in we may be able to start charging again, but every time someone comes up with a place to build it some other tossers put in an objection. Anyone would think that we are the bad guys here.’