An anonymous source has revealed a number of details of a new legal challenge to Brexit – if approved it could add ‘years’ to the total time that it takes the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. 

According to our source and documents that have been seen, a case has been raised in the High Court alleging that the referendum was UNLAWFUL because it didn’t offer a vote to agricultural animal livestock across the nation. 

The claimants feel that this was ‘unconstitutional’ because EU farming subsidies would be withdrawn as a result of Brexit, therefore affecting pigs, sheep and cows directly. 

He added: ‘When we sat in court on the opening day of the case, everyone just sat there and stared at the claimants with a look of utter disbelief.’

‘In one of the highest courts in the land, someone was delivering a passionate speech to a judge about why it was a ‘constitutional disgrace’ that pigs, sheep and cows hadn’t been given a vote in the referendum.’

‘He pointed out that in Wiltshire there are more sheep than people, and this made the jury gasp and start muttering to each other – it was like an episode of Columbo.’

‘A lawyer for the government then asked during cross-examination if goats should be considered as well, but he was told by the claimant that this was a ‘preposterous idea’ as they would probably just eat the ballot paper.’

Georgina Orwell is a spokesperson for the movement Democratic Voice for Animals, and she told our Chief Reporter that she was ‘excited’ about this case. 

She said: ‘This is fabulous news for anyone who is a fan of democracy. A withdrawal from the EU will hurt agricultural livestock immensely, so why on Earth can’t they all have a voice?’

‘I have been campaigning for animal electoral rights for a number of years. In the previous two general elections, I know for a fact that just giving pigs a vote would have kept David Cameron out of office.’