A mum from Southend On Sea in Essex has told Southend News Network about how a gentleman complained to her after she went for a meal at a soundproofed restaurant overlooking Southend Airport and her toddler was ‘forced’ to make his own airplane noises.

Nigella Lucas took to her three-year-old son William to the 1935 Rooftop Restaurant next to Southend Airport on Saturday afternoon, and she said that although her very excited little boy could see lots of aircraft taking off, he got upset that he was unable to hear them.

She added: ‘William loves watching the planes taking off and landing, but after a while he turned to me and seemed upset because he couldn’t hear any noise.’

‘I suggested that he make the noises himself like he does at school, and this was all fine for a few minutes until a gentleman at the next table said that the whooshing sounds from William were putting him off his haddock and chips.’

‘He seemed very upset that my toddler was ruining the ambience, but I told him that his nostril hair was putting me off my turkey club sandwich.’

‘In the end his patience ran out and he snapped when William apparently made an Airbus A319 noise when the aircraft taking off was clearly a Bombardier Dash 8.’

Luckily his Poligrip gave way at that point and his dentures flew out across the room – to be honest that distracted William even more and he accompanied his flying gnashers with an appropriate whooshing noise.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said that there was a ‘common sense’ approach to aircraft sound effects within the dining area that takes the soundproofed glass into consideration, provided that they are only made at the time of an aircraft movement on the ground.’