A spokesperson for the Donald Trump presidential campaign has confirmed that the Republican Party hopeful Donald Trump died this morning in what is being described as a ‘horrific choking accident.’

Shortly before 6.30am New York time on Thursday morning, a number of ambulances and police vehicles were spotted attending Trump Towers in Manhattan, and members of the press were told to gather in the downstairs lobby shortly after this for an ‘important announcement.’

At 7am local time, Trump’s campaign manager Harold Rainbow took to the podium to confirm that Mr Trump had passed away. 

He said: ‘Donald starts every morning with a handful of Skittles before hitting the treadmill, and today I am devastated to confirm that he suffered a sneezing fit just after placing some in his mouth.’

‘According to one of the medics, this caused Donald to suck in a sudden intake of air, and four of the small sweets were found blocking his airway once he had been declared dead at the scene.’

‘We do not wish to make any further comment at this time about the election – full details about his potential replacement will be communicated by Republican Party HQ later today.’

A source close to the Trump family told Southend News Network that his doctor had already warned him on multiple occasions about how his persistent hay fever could be a choking hazard when consuming small items of food. 

He added: ‘In accordance with Mr Trump’s wishes, his body will now be cryogenically frozen until a cure for death has been developed. A research team funded by the Trump Foundation has already kicked into action – they are based in Mexico due to current US legal restrictions on cryogenic research. 

‘It’s slightly ironic that it took four Skittles to finish him off, instead of three.’