Are you prepared?

Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that local government experts are making plans to deal with a major earthquake after unusual levels of seismic activity were detected between Southend and Canvey. Upon further investigation, the current release of energy has been traced to the Boyraceus Fault that runs 5km below the land from The Kursaal area to Chalkwell Station. In another development, geologists have discovered a smaller and related line related to the Boyraceus Fault running the length of Roscommon Way on Canvey Island.
However, the Southend-based amateur geologist Clive Shaft told us that he has repeatedly warned local officials about the fault – he claims that his warnings have fallen upon deaf ears. He said: ‘There have been times in the last ten years when the vibrations on Southend Seafront have been highly noticeable, and time and time again I have said that it is the Boyraceus Fault. If the two plates that lead to the fault were to collide, the resulting earthquake and tsunami could destroy Margate, and if the tide is out heaven only knows what would happen.’

We contacted Essex government chiefs for a response about emergency plans that may be in place for dealing with an earthquake. A spokesperson said: ‘We have only seen a small amount of seismic activity on the Boyraceus Fault within the last 12 months – this has been enough to make our seafront shared space areas 23% wider and 17% longer. However, in the event that an earthquake occurs in the town, we would like to assure residents that the damage and any resulting reconstruction would be the responsibility of Anglian Rubble.’

A representative of Anglian Rubble confirmed to us that the damage and reconstruction would be down to the local council to sort out.