An 83-year-old man caused CHAOS at The Elms pub in Leigh On Sea today by carrying on with his pint at the bar after being served.

According to witnesses at the scene, customers who were waiting to be served didn’t know whether or not Percy Pipe was in the queue for the bar – some drinkers stood still in a state of panic for over 30 minutes to make sure.

Barry De L’Armoire, a regular in the Wetherspoon-run establishment, told Southend News Network that the scene turned to chaos within a few minutes.

He said: ‘I’ve not seen anything as chaotic in The Elms since a group of Latvian exchange students couldn’t locate the cutlery in the summer of 2011.’

‘I had just walked out of the worryingly-upmarket toilets when I noticed one of the bar staff serving Percy – he’s been a regular since Noah built his ark.’

‘He was given his usual pint of IPA for £1.99, and he then made himself comfortable at the bar and just started drinking it. This seemed to cause some sort of intergalactic black hole in the flow of customers behind him, and nobody quite knew what to do.’

‘A couple of people wanted to ask him if he had already been seen to, but nobody really likes to interrupt Percy when he is in the middle of his crossword – he gets very agitated.’

‘Most of the customers waiting just sort of looked around him and edged slowly towards the adjacent area of the bar. By the time they had sorted themselves out, the girl serving had moved along to someone else waving a tenner and she didn’t come back for a good ten minutes.’

In a further shocking development, Police were called to the Hungry Horse in Rochford this afternoon when a family of Waitrose shoppers sat down at a table without realising that all orders had to be placed at the bar.

According to other diners, they didn’t realise their mistake for three hours, but by then they had already called 999 to report allegations of discrimination.