A spokesperson for LBC has confirmed that Emperor Palpatine has taken over the now vacant slot on the station left after the removal of Katie Hopkins. 

A senior station source added that they wanted to ‘tone down the evil a little bit.’

He added: ‘We put a very attractive offer on the table, and we’re pretty sure that he accepted because he just replied ‘good, good.’

‘Initial rehearsals have gone well so far, and we are envisaging a sort of ‘agony uncle’ role for his phone-in show.’

‘There was one concerning moment where he told someone calling in about a neighbour dispute to ‘cave his head in with a spade and let the hate flow through you,’ but when all is said and done it wasn’t a demand for another holocaust so we’re cool.’

His agent confirmed that arrangements have been made to pre-record certain elements of the show so that he can fulfil existing commitments on Naboo.

Reacting to the news on Twitter, Katie Hopkins posted: ‘Disgraceful. I wish him nothing but a lifetime of abject horror and abuse at every turn. Bastard.’

She later amended this tweet to: ‘All the best Palpy Wally! You’ll do the dark side proud and I wish you eternal happiness,’ blaming the original tweet on her iPhone autocorrect.

Fellow LBC personality Nigel Farage also welcomed the news, posting that he was ‘delighted’ to have a new colleague who ‘says it like it is’ while wearing a cape that will look ‘sexy as hell’ on the studio webcam.