Essex County Council has announced that Canvey Island will be discontinued in October 2019 due to funding cuts.

Councillor for municipal sustainability Nigel Tadger told Southend News Network that central government funding cuts have left the Council in ‘an impossible position.’

He said: ‘In real terms, our overall budgets are due to be reduced by around 4.5% year on year on year by 2020.’

‘Even after we have raised Council Tax bills by the legally allowed proportion, we still have a huge deficit to address, and unfortunately Canvey is the most expensive town in Essex in terms of running costs.’

‘Planning costs alone are astronomical. Every time someone wants to build a new home, business or industrial building, specialist planners and consultants have to authorise an identical construction at the symmetrical point across the island to stop it from sinking.’

‘This is why we cannot build a third road link to Canvey – an identical link would need to be built directly opposite and that would force motorists into the Thames.’

We asked Cllr Tadger what the discontinuation process would involve.

He said: ‘On 1st October 2019, Essex County Council will no longer support Canvey Island in terms of refuse collection, street cleaning and vital security updates.’

‘Residents can choose to remain on the island after this date, but they will run the risk of living in an unrecognised community with a total lack of a rule of law.’

‘Once the last residents have left Canvey, the two road links will be destroyed and the land mass will be allowed to float away and get reclaimed by nature.’