Weather experts have confirmed this morning that an ‘extended’ period of wintry weather has been forecast, with Essex and the surrounding regions expected to experience significant snowfalls from November until February 2017. 

Bill Sleaton of the Essex Metereological Service said: ‘The latest computer-generated satellite prediction forecast models show that unlike in previous years when snowstorms have taken a sharp turn before hitting Essex, thermal quadrant flows for 2016/2017 will mean that passing snow is actually pulled in to the area.’

‘This could mean a serious amount of disruption to public transport, although train journey times in and out of London could be improved by slicker rail conditions.’

‘We would advise households and business to start preparing now for a prolonged period of freezing temperatures. We have advised all local authorities to stock extra grit, salt and oregano to ensure that roads can be kept as clear as possible.’

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council confirmed that snow would be in breach of an existing court injunction if it falls on any part of the borough. 

He added: ‘We took out the injunction in 2015 against snow clouds to make it illegal for any snow to be deposited within the boundary of Southend On Sea.’

‘Therefore, any storm approaching over the Atlantic will need to be aware of this and plan a route of passage accordingly. A court injunction by its very nature cannot just be ignored.’

‘We have instructed our town wardens to keep an eye out for any gatherings of snow of three or more flakes. Internet forums are being constantly monitored for any intelligence about planned snow gatherings.’