A group of mums from Southend On Sea in Essex have started a petition to get people to boycott KFC in response to the fast-food giant’s decision to use Rolf Harris in their company logo.

According to Michelle Garridge and other concerned mums from the popular local Facebook group Southend Mums and Mummery, it is ‘disgraceful’ that the restaurant is still using the image of the hated Australian entertainer and artist after ‘knowing what he done to those people.’

She said that the logo was first brought to her attention by a post on the Malcolm Tucker Facebook page.

Ms Garridge added: ‘I have stopped taking my two kids Beepi and Jet for their weekly trip to KFC as I am both literally and figuratively fuming.’

‘Everyone knows what he did to those people, and yet they are still using his face to sell popcorn chicken.’

‘What sort of example is it setting to my kids?’

Another supporter of the petition is local mum-of-three Premya Inn – she told our Chief Reporter that she has been banned from three of the area’s branches of KFC after making ‘a peaceful and dignified protest’ about their logo.

She said: ‘I got a ladder and climbed up to the sign armed with a Sharpie to try and turn Rolf’s picture into someone a bit more respectable.’

‘Unfortunately I was stopped by a member of staff on all three occasions before I could finish the job, but I did manage to make the one on Southend High Street look a bit like David Kossoff.’

In a late development, it has also emerged that a march through the town centre has been planned for Bank Holiday Monday after a number of people noticed that there is a giant cock on the front of the Tottenham Hotspur club shop.