A spokesperson for Essex Police has confirmed that they are investigating 124 racist incidents that have been reported since the result of the referendum was announced on Friday morning. According to witness reports that we have received, the majority of these have been directed at natives of Canvey Island who travel to the Essex mainland for work and school – one terrified 12-year-old girl was allegedly told to ‘f*ck off back to Atlantis and all your silly Dutch road names.’

Shelley Monico has worked in Benfleet since 1996, but she told Southend News Network that she is now scared to leave the island. She said: ‘I usually walk from Benfleet station to my hairdressers on the High Road, and on Friday morning cars kept slowing down near me and hooting, and the drivers were screaming horrible things like ‘you’ll sink soon you bitch’ and ‘f**k off to Kent with all the others.’ I can’t understand why there has been so much hatred towards ethnic Canveysians – we are all citizens of the UK.’

Chloe Adams is in Year 10 at the Cornolio Van Der Hurdygurden High School on Canvey, and she said that she has had more than 100 nasty text messages from friends who live in Continental Essex. She said: ‘I have had some terrible and hurtful things sent to me since the ‘out’ result was announced, but the worst thing I saw was from my own uncle. He said that they should build a third bridge off the island straight into the sea, and I even saw a photo of a line of Benfleet residents forming a human blockade across the A130 between Sadlers Farm and Morrisons – where will this madness end? Someone even got a copy of the Southend Echo pushed through their letterbox. Bastards.’


  1. As the local planning authority we must ask restraint in respect of tensions towards the residents of Canvey Island.

    We appreciate the forcible relocation of residents to Pitsea will not be welcomed by all but are sure everyone will see the greater benefits that Saddiq Khan Island International Airport will bring to the area.

    Obviously this is current held in abeyance following a rival bid from a Mr Trump to create Canvey Island Golf Course. However, we expect a decision right after the Anglo-American trade agreement is signed.