Residents all over Essex have been in touch with Southend News Network this morning to admit that ‘hours of work’ lie ahead to get their gardens ready for summer in the aftermath of Storm Katie. Local people have taken to social media in their thousands to describe a range of horrors, and one lady in Canewdon even said that she ‘struggled’ to hear her TV at one point. A spokesperson for the DEC has confirmed that a televised appeal for Essex is currently under discussion. 

Barold Pantz owns South Essex Windmills in Leigh On Sea, and he said that his large outdoor display simply couldn’t cope with the constant gusts of ‘stronger than expected’ wind. He added: ‘A lot of my windmills are for decorative purposes only, and even the ones that are designed to spin took a real hammering – my supplier in the Netherlands has assured me that all of my stock will be replaced by next week. However, this Bank Holiday is usually my busiest time, and I will now have to sell most of my items as DIY kits.’

A spokesperson for Tesco has confirmed that it is ‘business as usual’ after a small sign blew over in the car park at their Extra superstore in Southend, but shoppers have been warned to expect ‘huge queues’ going in and out of the store while the area is cordoned off for forensic analysis. Other local supermarkets are not reporting any problems, with stocks of bread, milk and Tizer at ‘healthy’ levels, but a number of people have said that they intend to stockpile basic items due to the fact that many stores will close early today at 4pm or 5pm. 

Has your property sustained serious damage after Storm Katie? Would you be prepared to share the images with Southend News Network so that we can photoshop them and then shamelessly use them to generate ‘news’ articles with lots of clickable adverts that generate revenue? Email your best pictures to without putting yourself or other people in any danger, unless of course it will make your image look any better. 


  1. This storm has been terrible around here. Many houses have been extensively damaged with their satellite dishes blown down and people simply unable to watch Jeremy Kyle – they simply just not know what to do and are walking around like zombies.

    In addition many priceless artifacts have been lost; in particular my neighbour’s collection of Flamenco dolls from her past eight holidays in Spain; I lost my bullfighting snow globe and two sombreros – simply irreplaceable.

    There has been panic buying at our local shop and it is now sold out of Lager, Fags and Sunny Delight. People are already queuing outside the local chippy even though it doesn’t open until tomorrow lunchtime.

    Out in the street I went out to help one child who was covered in blood asking here ‘Where are you bleeding from?”
    She replied ‘Pitsea – wots it got ta do wiv you?’