Would you invest in your own speed camera for a 50% share of the fines?


Southend News Network has learned that a trial is now underway for homeowners and private tenants to purchase a Police-approved speed camera to go in their front garden. For an investment of £999, including installation, owners will be entitled to a 50% share of any fines that are generated from their camera.

With local police forces looking to make up for recent budget cuts, the county has been chosen for a six-month pilot of the scheme, and Essex Speed Enforcement Awareness Safety director Barry Vitesse spoke EXCLUSIVELY to us about how camera owners can benefit. He said, ‘People are always complaining that vehicles are passing their homes at an excessive speed, and for just £999 they will be able to generate a regular income while also keeping their own roads safe. For £1599, we will also supply a second camera, and this will allow homeowners to operate their own average speed zone outside their home. A ‘Gold Package’ is also on offer for £2399 which includes a speed camera, traffic lights and the connected traffic light camera.

He continued, ‘When people buy one of these ‘speed calming’ devices, they will also get a wide range of accessories, including anti-neon paint to ensure that their cameras cannot be spotted at night.’

Our resident home money expert Malcolm Squeeze has put together a list of tips to help trial participants get the most out of their new speed camera.

  • Ensure that the camera is pointing towards the road, and not a tree or a bush.
  • If the road outside your home isn’t flat, install the camera as far down the hill as possible.
  • Homes that are anywhere near schools should get children to make cute posters which state that the limit is actually 10 mph higher than the limit near the camera.

In another late development, Mr Vitesse has contacted us once again to point out that from January 2016 there will also be a cut-price option for people that cannot manage a one-off payment of £999. For £499, investors will be able to select an existing speed camera and get it moved to another location – however they will have to take on responsibility for the work involved.



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  1. The short dual carriageway through Ascot High Street in Berkshire would probably generate no income during the day due to stationary traffic caused by parkers manoeuvring. In the middle of the night, although there is hardly any traffic, a speed camera could be a great investment due to the 20mph limit and no parked cars. I can think of more ethical ways of making money though.