A source has confirmed that the Leigh On Sea branch of Waitrose is considering a ‘members only’ system after council bosses announced that a number of affordable housing blocks will be constructed in the area. 

The first building, Fidget Court, opened directly opposite the store and started taking in new tenants this week – another three are planned over the next five years.

According to documents and projections that have been seen by Southend News Network, the Leigh Waitrose catchment area could include up to 400 Lidl households by 2021.

Our source said: ‘Waitrose management have been looking at these plans carefully, and a proposal to make the branch ‘members only’ is now being discussed.’

‘The membership criteria will probably me profession-based, which will mean that either yourself or your significant other will need to be in a professional role in law, medicine, financial trading, or something artistic that involves stroking your chin while wearing a silly hat.’

‘Think of it as a sort of ‘choosy Matalan’ system.’

Leigh Waitrose shopper Phillatolie Clonge told Southend News Network that she supports the proposal.

She said: ‘I was browsing their range of ethical crispbreads last week, when all of a sudden I overheard a woman say ‘Michelle and me are looking for the eggs.’

‘Would it have really killed her to say ‘Michelle and I?’

‘I was fuming for three days afterwards. I might have to go and see my life coach to talk it all through before screaming into a lavender hemp pillow.’

The other local branch of Waitrose in Southend was also in the news recently after paramedics were called to treat a customer who disappeared up her own bottom.