An insider source has confirmed that a furious row broke out during a dinner between Prime Minister Theresa May and EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker that ended with Mrs May telling the Eurocrat to ‘shove his £50 billion Brexit bill right up his RING OF STARS.’

We have agreed to protect his identity, but our source said that the argument started when Juncker made it clear that the £50 billion Brexit bill was ‘not up for discussion.’

He said: ‘I was lucky enough to be present in the room throughout the meal, and tensions were already high before they had even sat down as Mrs May was adamant on ordering from Domino’s, while Mr Juncker was furiously waving around his iPhone as he had a 20% off code for Just Eat.’

‘They compromised and ordered the family feast from A Slice Of Torino on Whitehall, and once the dips had been shared out accordingly Mr Juncker reacted angrily when Mrs May said that she had cancelled her Netflix membership.’

‘Mr Juncker clearly wanted to watch a movie, and Mrs May’s explanation that she is negotiating with all of the major film studios instead to save her £7.99 a month didn’t do much to calm him down.’

‘After finding an old episode of Steptoe and Son on YouTube, Mr Juncker brought up the subject of the £50 billion Brexit bill.’

‘Mrs May then said he would be lucky to get 50p as she accused him of pocketing that strong and stable little white table that came in the middle of their Hawaiian Feast, and he dismissed the claims as ‘pure fantasy.’

‘They then exchanged expletives and Mrs May told him to take his Brexit bill and shove it firmly right up his ring of stars.’

A spokesperson in Downing Street dismissed this version of events as ‘ridiculously inaccurate.’

He added: ‘It was a Meat Feast.’