A Facebook Memories post that you shared depicting some sort of photo has reminded everyone that you were an ATTENTION-SEEKING MORON back in 2012 as well. 

A Facebook friend said: ‘I remember seeing that photo of her performing some sort of duck pout four years ago and thinking that she looked like a bit of a dick, and seeing it again today has made all of those feelings come flooding back.’

‘All things considered, this has been a fantastically sentimental trip down memory lane. I really hope that she shares even more gems from her vast social media archive. She is like the BBC of Facebook.’

Another Facebook friend admitted that they didn’t even realise a passive-aggressive rant without any real details in it was a recycled Facebook Memories post. 

They added: ‘She posted to say ‘Well now I know who my real friends are, and it’s true that some people just can’t be trusted. Watch out you never know how much I will take before I hit back.’

‘To be fair, she posts some sort of ‘enraged me against the rest of the planet’ bollocks every seven minutes or so, and it’s kind of comforting to know that she still has the same struggle every single day.’

In a late development, it emerged that 85% of all Facebook users post from the Memories tool because their continued exposure to the social media network has led to minor brain damage. 

Southend Hospital neurologist Dr Brian Brian said: ‘One of my most challenging patients is a 23-year-old man who has been using Facebook since 2010.’

‘75% of his brain tissue is now basically rice pudding, and all he is able to do is regurgitate previous Facebook posts – both online and in the real world.’

‘I was called out to Southend High Street last week as he was wandering up and down the road with an A1-sized photo of him enjoying a Nando’s with his ex-girlfriend last November. He had both thumbs up too.’

Mum-of-three Michelle Boner of Fairfax Drive is adamant that Facebook Memories is the best feature of the whole site. 

She added: ‘How else am I supposed to remind people that my kids used to look three years younger three years ago?’